Facio is a free GUI for computational chemistry softwares (TINKER, MSMS, Firefly, Gamess, MOPAC and Gaussian).

It will be helpfl to your study and research on theoretical chemistry.

Current Version  :  23.1.3  (released on October 16, 2020)

Windows & Linux

Wineskin App. is based on 32-bit Windows version

Facio is named after a Latin verb "facio" which means "I make". So, please pronouce "c" in Facio as [k] as in car.

This software is indispensable to FMO (Fragment Molecular Orbital) method of Gamess

because it is the only GUI for FMO-specific input and output.

Solvent excluded surface of Decamethylcucurbit[5]uril Molecular orbitals of Benzene (from #12 to #31) Grubbs catalyst, 1st generation

Features at a glance : molecular modeling and visualization of quantum chemical calculations

Last Update : October 16, 2020

Facio has been developed by Masahiko Suenaga,

Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science,

Kyushu University, Japan

This website was established

on September 12, 2004.